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HERO Study Main Outcomes

We are delighted to share out the findings from the HERO study. A number of End Hep C SF members provided support for this project, including, EHCSF Coordinating Committee members Dr. Annie Luetkemeyer and Pauli Gray, and EHCSF Strategic Director, Jordan Akerley. 

The HERO Study was a pragmatic randomized controlled trial conducted in eight US cities; 755 people who reported active injection of any drug were assigned to either patient navigation or modified directly observed therapy (mDOT) to support treatment of hepatitis C (HCV) in eight opioid treatment programs and 15 community health centers. Findings show that participants in both the mDOT and patient navigation arms achieved high HCV cure rates. It is essential that HCV treatment is offered to people who use drugs living with HCV!

As a patient navigator with the HERO study, I witnessed wide success of people who inject drugs to achieve HCV cure. These findings affirm the tireless work of drug user health advocates and highlight the importance of diverse HCV treatment options to people who use drugs. Congratulations to the HERO team and a big thank you to the participants.” ‘

– Jordan Akerley, Strategic Director at End Hep C SF

We are eternally grateful to all who helped with this effort!

Front page of the Hero Study report in the Lancet
The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology, 7 (2022) 1112-1127. doi:10.1016/S2468-1253(22)00275-8

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