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Estimated hepatitis C prevalence and key population sizes in SF

The first ever estimate of hepatitis C cases in San Francisco was published today in PLOS ONE. Estimating the number of people living with hepatitis C overall and in specific key populations is critical to understanding the scope of the hepatitis C epidemic in our city, appropriately allocating resources, and targeting public health interventions to help eliminate the disease. The Research and Surveillance workgroup of End Hep C SF has been working for the past two years to analyze available data and complete a citywide estimate of hepatitis C infections as a foundation for our elimination efforts. Publication of this paper is an exciting recognition of this work, and will help other cities to replicate some of our data efforts. Click the image below or follow the link on our downloads tab for a printable copy. The paper’s authors include Shelley Facente (Facente Consulting), Eduard Grebe (the South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis), Katie Burk (SFDPH), Meghan Morris (UCSF), Ed Murphy (UCSF/Blood Systems Research Institute), Ali Mirzazadeh (UCSF), Aaron Smith (SFDPH), Melissa Sanchez (SFDPH), Jennifer Evans (UCSF), Amy Nishimura (SFDPH), and Henry Fisher Raymond (UCSF and Rutgers University).

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