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Flex Fund Opportunity for Community Partners


End Hep C SF recognizes the needs of our community partners to have small, community-focused events to celebrate and support program participants. End Hep C SF is creating a “flex fund” for local End Hep C SF partner agencies in the event that supplemental funding is needed to create or support these opportunities. 


These funds are to be:

  • Available for active End Hep C SF partner agencies (defined as having agency representation at at least one End Hep C SF meeting in the prior 6 months) with a non-profit status; 
  • Available once per calendar year for each agency;
  • $2,000 maximum for each application;
  • Utilized for activities that are aligned with End Hep C SF’s priority populations and values;
  • Utilized as a last resort (i.e. not possible to cover with existing program funding).

Our priority populations include those who are most affected by the hepatitis C (HCV) epidemic: marginalized populations, specifically people who inject drugs; people who are homeless or marginally housed; people of color (with an emphasis on African Americans as the most disproportionately impacted racial group); and people living with HIV. To learn more about our values, please read our “About Us” page on the End Hep C SF website.

Application Process

Please read all instructions carefully and include all information required. Incomplete applications may not be reviewed. The burden is on the applicant to demonstrate qualifications and need for aforementioned funds. Be advised that End Hep C SF has the right to reject any and all proposals/applications.

  • Use single-spaced line spacing, in Arial or Times New Roman font no less than 11 points, and 1″ margins.
  • Submit one electronic version of your application via email to [email protected], as a single PDF document. 

Proposals must include:

DocumentPage limit
Cover letter1
Proposal Narrative 2

The Proposal Narrative should answer the following:

  • What amount of funding is being requested? Maximum amount per application is $2,000.
  • How will this funding be spent? 
  • How and why is this last resort funding needed? (e.g. expenses are not able to be covered by existing program budget)
  • How will the use of this funding serve priority populations of End Hep C SF?
  • How are these activities aligned with End Hep C SF values?

The Budget portion must detail the breakdown of spending for the requested funds, as well as a brief justification explaining each line item.

End Hep C SF Flex Fund opportunity

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