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Meet End Hep C SF’s New Strategic Director!

Brittany MaksimovicHi, I’m Brittany, and I’m joining the team as End Hep C SF’s new
Strategic Director. I’m beyond thrilled to be part of this
revolutionary initiative! I began working in the harm reduction field
in 2012, starting as a volunteer HIV/HCV test counselor at a local
needle exchange. The public health bug bit me hard, and I haven’t
looked back since.

While working in the field of infectious diseases at community-based
organizations, I began to take a particular interest in hepatitis C.
The populations most affected by this disease are among the most
underserved and overlooked, and it’s a point of pride to be part of
the movement to get all HCV+ folks the treatment they deserve.

Over the past several years, I’ve watched public awareness of
hepatitis C rise in the Bay Area–due, in no small part, to the work
of this incredible organization. Having worked directly with
individuals who have been treated has been inspiring, and I’m a
wholehearted believer in the power of low-threshold, low-barrier care.
I’ve seen firsthand how this care can help individuals to claim their
agency over not only their health, but also their lives.

When I’m not geeking out over public health and harm reduction, I can
be found reading cookbooks and fantasizing about my next meal, tending
to my plants, or listening to roughly one zillion podcasts. I’m
excited to start this new chapter with End Hep C SF, and I look
forward to what we’ll achieve together in the future!

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