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End Hep C in San Francisco during COVID-19 Photo Contest

Congratulations to Rachel Kanner, Project Manager from the UCSF DeLiver Care van for winning first prize for her photo shown at right showing Rachel loading up the Simply the Basics kits she and her partner packed at home to be distributed by the UCSF DeLiver Care van. The prize money of $1000 will be divided equally between the DeLiver Care van and Simply the Basics. A second prize of $500 will awarded to GLIDE Harm Reduction for the photo submitted by Amber Sheldon of their socially distant kit packing party. Joint runner up prizes of $250 each will be awarded to St, James Infirmary (photo submitted by Richard Sullivan) and the San Francisco Community Health Center (photo submitted by Pauli Gray). Thank you all for continuing your important work as best you can during this difficult time. We hope this small additional income can support your work or treat your staff and volunteers. Big thank you to photographers Martina Regan, Eric Slomanson, and Rachel Thibbotumunuwe for being our judges! Rachel delivers hygiene packs while practicing social distancing

Thanks so much to those who entered. We are now closed to entries and will announce the winner soon. Check our the great work being done by our colleagues below.


Announcing the End Hep C in SF during COVID-19 Photo Contest, sponsored by End Hep C SF. This contest presents an opportunity for our community partners and other community organizations in San Francisco to share photos highlighting the creative ways we are continuing to work toward eliminating hepatitis C in San Francisco, while maintaining the regulations and recommendations of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to publicize your important work, and, through this, potentially increase your number of followers and donations. The organizations of the top four photos will also win a prize check.

The organization winning first place will receive an award of $1,000. A prize of $500 will be given to the second-place winner, and prizes of $250 each for 2 runner-up entries. All relevant photos entered will be displayed on our website and social media to highlight your work. End Hep C community members will vote for their favorites to determine the winner. Please submit up to 3 photographs with an accompanying descriptive paragraph to [email protected]. Winners will be chosen on artistic merit as well as how well they illustrate the theme.

Deadline for submissions is May 19, and winners will be announced by May 29, 2020. 

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